President Rallies to Defend Woman’s Reproductive
Made popular 1363 days ago in Society & Religion — President Barack Obama waded into the controversy sparked by Sandra Fluke’s testimony before a congressional committee hearing on the mandate requiring all insurers to provide reproductive services—including birth control pills, condoms, and abortafacients—free of charge. At issue is Fluke’s contention that she shouldn’t be forced to pay for these services out of her own pocket.
Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh lampooned Fluke’s claim that she couldn’t afford to pay. “Ms. Fluke makes no case that her participation in sexual activity is involuntary,” Limbaugh said. “Her need for birth control or an abortion is within her sphere of discretion. She seems to be saying that taxpayers, employers, or insurers—anyone besides herself—must be compelled to finance her recreational sex.”
President Obama responded, saying, “I am appalled by Limbaugh’s harsh treatment of this young woman. Limbaugh and his right-wing cabal are attacking Ms. Fluke’s human rights, insisting that she must bear the consequences of her own actions at her own expense. This is pure selfishness on display.”
“I believe our nation is at a crossroad where we need to decide whether personal freedom or individual greed will prevail,” Obama continued. “Should a person’s freedom be curtailed by fear of the possible financial cost of choices he or she might make? Or should society pitch in and liberate us all from such fears? I think everyone knows where I stand on this issue and I’m confident that voters will recognize me as the kind of champion of human rights they want wielding all the powers the Presidency offers in this cause.”

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After granting Ms. Fluke her 15 seconds of fame is this entire issue much ado about nothing?
Of course, but it deflected attention from the real issue.
No, the democRATs need issues they can distort to cover for Obama.
It would take a democRAT village to pay for all this woman's needs.
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That's not what the money flow is saying, and that's all that counts.

Advertisers are fleeing.

As much as you would like to deflect attention away from this idiot and his show, it's not working .

It's people like you that make the issue even more relevant. You double down on the issue as if it is worthy. But again you either subscribe to vile language/people or you're a blind bat.
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It should say "President Rallies to Defend LIBERAL Woman’s Reproductive Rights." It's okay for liberals to call conservative women names. Typical double standard. Bill marx calls Sarah Palin a "dumb c@%$!" Fluck is the liberal poster child.
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