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Made popular 2870 days ago in Politics — During a campaign swing for his wife, former President Bill Clinton said flatly yesterday that he opposed the war in Iraq "from the beginning" - a statement that is more absolute than his comments before the invasion in March 2003.

Before the invasion, Mr. Clinton did not precisely declare that he opposed the war. A week before military action began, however, he did say that he preferred to give weapons inspections more time and that an invasion was not necessary to topple Saddam Hussein.

At the same time, he also spoke supportively about the 2002 Senate resolution that authorized military action against Iraq.

Advisers to Mr. Clinton said yesterday that he did oppose the war, but that it would have been inappropriate at the time for him, a former president, to oppose - in a direct, full-throated manner - the sitting president's military decision.

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Did Bill Clinton oppose the Iraq war from the beginning, or is he rewriting history to pave the way for Hillary's White House bid?
He always opposed the Iraq war
He's rewriting history to help Hillary's campaign
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I feel that is legit. He is a "straight-up" guy for the most part (no pun intended)...
It makes sense that he would not speak out against a new president after just handing off the baton, no different then the fact that Gore showed up at Bush's inauguration with a smile and a handshake
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