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Made popular 2918 days ago in Politics — The eight Republican presidential hopefuls are squaring off in a challenge unlike anything they've faced as they step onto the stage for their party's first CNN/YouTube debate Wednesday in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The candidates are fielding video questions submitted by the public via the YouTube Web site, just as Democratic White House candidates did in July.

The debate marks the first time the GOP candidates have faced off on the same stage in over a month.

CNN's political team viewed nearly 5,000 videos for the GOP debate - about 2,000 more than they saw for the Democrats' debate.

The issues on the minds of the YouTube voters in this debate are vastly different from what came in for the Democrats, said Sam Feist, CNN's political director.

The topics that came up most often for the GOP debate included immigration, conservative values, economic issues and taxes, according to David Bohrman, Washington bureau chief and senior vice president for CNN.

About 40 questions will be asked by the end of the debate. Viewers can expect to see divisive questions, controversial questions, and questions that will set the candidates apart.

"This debate is to let Republican voters pick from among their eight candidates," Bohrman said. "We are trying to focus mostly on questions where there are differences among these candidates."

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Who won the CNN Youtube Republican Debate in Florida?

Fred Thompson

Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
Duncan Hunter
John McCain
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Tom Tancredo
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All the Republican candidates except Ron Paul are losing their focus. If they can't pull it together they are going to fade and Dr. Paul will sweep the primaries.

The Democrats aren't doing any better, but they have no one like Dr. Paul, who has an organizing paradigm - the Constitution - something they have long since abandoned.
Posted 2918 days ago
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I was really disappointed in how Anderson handled the Republican Presidential debate tonight. He handed the majority of all questions to Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. The so called front runners are the so called front runners because stations like CNN and Fox do story after story on them. Is it any coincidence they are also receiving the most corporation funding?

Many questions came in that were addressed to all the Presidential candidates, but Anderson for the most part gave those questions to Rudy and Mitt. If he was an unbiased journalist, he would have let each candidate answer since those questions were posed to all candidates.

He hardly gave any questions to Ron Paul, and the questions he did give him were slanted. He gave a little more attention to Duncan Hunter, and Tom Tancredo, but they still got the shaft too. I wonder if Anderson can see how slanted his journalism is, and if he has any sort of conscience.

Anderson comes from a very rich family. Is his job really so important he can't stand by principals? Anderson does a lot of good pathos related stories that we can all agree on, but this is an issue that really puts him to the test. I believe he failed.
Posted 2917 days ago
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research zionist agenda
Posted 2914 days ago
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Those voting for Ron Paul must be Democrats just hoping that he is the candidate that ends up challenging Hillary. She would win by a landslide. 85% say he won? Who is anybody trying to kid? His isolationist views are just plain nutty. It just goes to show that mostly liberal Democrats follow the Communist News Network (CNN). I'm curious, does MoveOn.Org support Ron Paul?
Posted 2914 days ago
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Mike Huckabee clearly won this debate with his clear, concise, articulate answers to difficult questions!
Posted 2914 days ago
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clarkjack I'm wondering where you got the impression that Ron Paul was isolationist
he believes in a savings based sound money economy and building foreign relationships though voluntary mutually beneficial relationships.

His views couldn't be closer to to classic common sense conservative trade and foreign relations. The liberals like him because because he's patiently listening and explaining that the big government, big spending high debt agenda has nothing to do with compassion and everything to to with tightening the vise grip of a government that has become an effective corporate dictatorship.

He has a very realistic plan to restore wealth, prosperity and freedom across the whole socio-economic spectrum. The Republicans have taken a no holds bared with us or against us strategy and the Democrats have taken a give everything away and lay down and die approach to foreign diplomacy and economics. Both the Democrats and Republicans have supported a big spending, high debt agenda and shipping our jobs overseas though monetary and trade policies, sure they don't run on the platform of devaluing the dollar so we are at the mercy of the rest of the world and have only two choices lay down and die or form an empire. At some point in time we have to deal with reality instead of feelings and wishes.

Really we don't have the money, oil, manufacturing base, military manpower to support an empire and I certainly don't want to lay down and die and accept living in a 3rd world country working for slave labor wages.

Think though Ron Paul's policies from a logical and historical and legal perspective of what has worked in the past and it's win win for everyone except those who believe those who are opposed to their ideals must be vanquished. Will liberals get a mansion and maid service, no. Will neocons get a remote control with nuke button on it, no and that's the whole point he's a statesman who examines interests from both sides and provides a solution that's better than the expectations of opposing interests rather than a compromise where both lose.

He simply wants to restore the Constitution, implement a sound money policy, build trade and relationships and lead by example instead of brute force and giveaways, and level the playing field so everyone has equal opportunities. He doesn't want to destroy one group to support another he just wants to be fair it's about time I don't recall another President with win win policies since Thomas Jefferson.
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