McCain Hitler Comparison: Out of line?
Made popular 2915 days ago in Politics — In a new low of despicable looniness, at the Republican debate in St. Petersburg, John McCain equated those Americans who want to stop militarily occupying Iraq with Hitler-enablers. He actually said that, saying that it was 'isolationism' of a sort that allowed Hitler to come to power.

It gives a person a certain amount of faith in one's fellow Americans that McCain was booed by the Republican crowd for this piece of calumny. Comparisons to Hitler should be automatic grounds for a candidate to be disqualified from being president.

But then McCain is the same person who joked about bombing Iran. He thinks that killing all those children from the air would be funny?

McCain also repeated his standard lie that Iraqis would attack the United States if US troops were withdrawn from that country. He contrasted the Vietnamese Communists, who, he said, just wanted to build their workers' utopia in Vietnam once the US left, with Iraqis, who he continues to confuse with Usamah Bin Laden (a Saudi living far from Iraq who never had anything to do with Iraq).

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What do you think of John McCain equating Ron Paul's "isolationism" with appeasing Hitler?
Outrageous. McCain must retract & apologize
Inappropriate comparison; voters to judge
All is fair game in US Presidential election battles
Fair comparison. Isolationists equal Hitler apologists
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What a shame that the media did not pick up on it. It seems to me he was truly giving Hitler an excuse and reason for the Holocaust. I thought his remarks were very offensive.
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