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More soldiers have died in battle under Obama than under all of the years Bush was president.

Where are the people opposed to war now?

Where are the people who wanted to end war under Bush?

Fact check this if you dare.

Posted by grandmakdw
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Did you know from the mainstream media that more soldiers have died under Obama than under all 4 years of Bush?
Not true - only check if you can prove it after fact checking
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Odumbo doesn't care. That's why we need to make him/ her a one term gay pResident. I've heard that he is a woman in men's clothes and that MOOchelle is really a man. What is it with dumb craps and weird sex acts?
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Smarty Bush was 8 years. More died in Iraq

For Iraq
Lot's of soldiers died and got maimed under Bush.
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@freeDUMB or freeLOADER It doesn't matter how many facts we rub in the dumb craps faces. They lie, dodge, distort, distract, dumb down (They are all good at that),cover up and blame others for their supidity. Dumb craps are so stupid that they fall for the "If you tell a lie over and over, it has to be true" syndrome.

freeLOADER, I've noticed you left wing nut jobs only come onto Youpolls late in the afternoon. Must be nice to drink all night and sleep all day at someone else's expense. You must be ohbummer's victim of the 47% on welfare and food stamps because you're a lazy bum.
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Free, you didn't do the fact check I recommended.
Yes more soldiers have died since Obama took office than died the entire 8 years of Bush.
I'm not lying or exaggerating.
If you don't believe me please do check it out for yourself.
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Yes free many died under Bush's watch, I grant you that.

However, more have died under Obama's watch. The MSM just refuse to report it.

Under former President George W. Bush, 575 American soldiers died and fewer than 3,000 were wounded in Afghanistan. This means under Obama, at least 1,405 soldiers have died and nearly 15,000 additional soldiers have been wounded, which means 70% of the deaths and nearly 80% of the injuries in Afghanistan have occurred under Obama’s watch.
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Grandma, You have it partially correct. More troops have died in Afghanistan under Obama compared to under Bush. However, if you add the net loss of those that lost their lives under Bush, the numbers are not even close. 4,000 plus died under Bush, less than 2,000 under Obama.

I agree that we should be out of Afghanistan by now. The mission that we took on in the first place was to capture or kill the mastermind of 911 Osama Bin Laden. Once we did that Obama should have declared victory and brought our troops home to ticker taped parades.

Now the war in Iraq is a different story altogether. We were all fooled into believing we were going to be under attach by Sudam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction. The fraud that was said claim should be investigated and prosecuted accordingly. Sad to say, but for said fraud, those brave young men and woman would be with us still.
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Where is the same outrage over the mass of killings and outright murders under Obama? Thought the liar promised we'd be out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately and here we sit 4 years after his empty words! Liberals sure are situationally blind aren't they? Hypocrites and the liberal media are the worst.
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