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blog.washingtonpost.com — The CIA got it wrong on Iran's nuclear program in the last National Intelligence Estimate, back in 2005. But does that mean they have got it right this time? Not necessarily. The history of the CIA is littered with spectacular intelligence mistakes. Sometimes, the correction of one error can lead to a new error, as analysts atone for past mistakes by moving too far in the opposite direction.

In the spirit of caution and skepticism, here is the official Fact Checker list of the CIA'S Biggest Bloopers, over six decades of intelligence-gathering. I have compiled it with the assistance of researchers at the indispensable National Security Archive, a non-profit group that has published more than half a million government documents. A disclaimer: the Agency has had some successes too, but I will let their public relations operation draw up that particular list.

National intelligence estimates are issued on behalf of the entire intelligence community, not just one agency. Up until 2005, the CIA director was also director of national intelligence.

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Do you believe the NIE report to be right or wrong regarding Iran's Nuclear program?
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Inaccurate, They've been wrong many times in the past
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20% or 10 of you are nuts.Like when they were wrong about Iraq?Then it turns out they were right.Guess that don't count does it? Or maybe how they were wrong about Israel and then it turned out they were right?Guess that doesn't count either does it?Bet if you did a little research you can find a lot more times they were rightwrong because The dirt bags choking europe and america say so.
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