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blog.washingtonpost.com — A standard political race - governed by the same rules and regulations that typify these contests - will almost certainly result in Clinton as the nominee. Her reach within the party establishment is just too broad for anyone to beat her in a traditional nominating contest.

But in a non-traditional fight, all bets are off. And, more and more, Obama seems set on turning his candidacy - and the vote in the Iowa caucuses - into a movement, insisting that the choice is crucial for the future direction of the country.

That is one powerful spot, and it's all about casting his campaign as something much, much more than politics as usual. "We are in a defining moment in our history," he says in footage taken from his speech at the Iowa Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson Dinner last month. "America, our moment is now."

The contrast between Obama's "movement" and Clinton's traditional campaign operation is implicit in the ad (the New York senator is not mentioned), but it is very real. Clinton, by the very nature of her background and candidacy, is not capable of taking advantage of this unique moment in American political history, argues the ad. Only Obama can do it.

Turning his campaign into a movement about something more than politics is the best - and perhaps only - path for Obama to win the nomination. He appears to have realized that.

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In the latest effort to draw a distinction between himself & Clinton, Obama implicitly claims that he is not entrenched in the Party Establishment?
Positive for Obama, Establishment Candidates have their hands tied
Negative for Obama, Can't overcome GOP establishment if weak within party
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