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In a debate that barely lived up to the definition of that word, the nine Republican candidates found far more common ground than disagreement during the 90-minute event.

The gathering was heavily anticipated as today's debate marked the final chance for all of the candidates to close the sale with voters before the state's Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses. But, it largely failed to live up to those expectations - bound by a rigid format that allowed almost no back and forth between the candidates.

As a result, the debate devolved into a series of stump speeches by the candidates with almost no differentiation between the frontrunners and also-rans like former Ambassador Alan Keyes.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (Ark.) - the newly minted frontrunner in Iowa - used the opportunity to cast himself as a broad thinker read to unite the country behind his unique brand of leadership.

"We are right now a very polarized country and that polarized country has led to a paralyzed government," said Huckabee. "We are a great resilient nation that has to stick together."

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