Holiday Wishes from Ron
Made popular 2785 days ago in Politics — As the holiday season approaches, Texas congressman Ron Paul sends "Season's Greetings" to his supporters in what has turned into one of the top Republican online videos of the week.

"Looking like a captive in his own home, Ron Paul wishes us a happy holiday. With a shot of about 750 people lining the staircase of his house, a sloppy sound mix, and weird dissolves, the video is a fitting yuletide message from the homespun Paul campaign," writes the site's Joshua Levy.

Paul and his wife Carol, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary earlier this year, have five children and 18 grandchildren.


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Please wish Ron Paul & his family a Merry Christmas by sending this link to your friends, need 100,000 votes by Christmas...
I will do so
Not for me
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Merry Xmas Ron
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Did you know that the colonist's did not celebrate Christmas in America.In fact i don't think it was celebrated for quit some time into our history.Google origins of Christmas and maybe you will get a clue as why it was not celebrated.While you are at it Google origins of easter just for giggles :) I don't think god likes being worshiped through pagan celebrations.Kinda pisses him off it says.Oh and if you read the bible you will find Jesus was born in the fall.You know the part the shepherds were in the field?They werent in the fields in December.
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My Christmas Wish?......

Ron Paul ....PRESIDENT....2008!!!

To the entire Paul family...MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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