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Added 2901 days ago in Technology — The growing confrontation between Google and Microsoft promises to be an epic business battle. It is likely to shape the prosperity and progress of both companies, and also inform how consumers and corporations work, shop, communicate and go about their digital lives. Google sees all of this happening on remote servers in faraway data centers, accessible over the Web by an array of wired and wireless devices - a setup known as cloud computing. Microsoft sees a Web future as well, but one whose center of gravity remains firmly tethered to its desktop PC software. Therein lies the conflict.

No, he says, there was no thought of a Microsoft takedown when, earlier this year, Google introduced a package of online software offerings, called Google Apps, that includes e-mail, instant messaging, calendars, word processing and spreadsheets. They are simpler versions of the pricey programs that make up Microsoft's lucrative Office business, and Google is offering them free to consumers.

Still, Google Apps aren't anything other than a natural step in Google's march to deliver more computing capability to users over the Internet, Mr. Schmidt says.

"For most people," he says, "computers are complex and unreliable," given to crashing and afflicted with viruses. If Google can deliver computing services over the Web, then "it will be a real improvement in people's lives," he says. "In our view, yes," Mr. Schmidt says. "It's a 90-10 thing." Inside the cloud resides "almost everything you do in a company, almo

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If you were offered an ONLINE version of Microsoft Office "like" software to use for free, would you switch?
Yes, I'm online all the time, no reason to purchase
No, reliability, features, control, & other, are more dominant factors
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Remember when microsoft was exposed?Turns out they put a coded back door in windows for the federal government.Yup they can access your computer anytime they want.Claimed they did it because they sell so many windows programs to the government.LMAO dont trust corporate America!
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