The American Way: Lost or Restored ?
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President Bush has had his time to lead this country, now it is time to continue on the course he has set or is it now time to be restored, to reconnect with the world and it's people, to turn from the broad interstate traffic, rustling to nowhere, and turn to the narrow road, the road to restoration of the US constitution, the America the rest of the world dreams of, talks of and desires to follow it's example.

Who could be the right man for the President's chair?

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Who do you think is the best man/woman for the US Presidency?
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
Ron Paul
Rudy Giuliani
Fred Thompson
Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney
John Edwards
I don't know yet.
It doesn't matter
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Posted 2850 days ago
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I c the crack pots are in the minority.:) Woot Ron Paul
Posted 2849 days ago
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What a crappy question that deliberately leaves out significant candidates.
Posted 2844 days ago
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Barak Obama is a CFR agent,.. when will people see that this organization led by Rockefeller wants to get rid of our sovereignty in order to push their globalist ideas.

I hate the fact that people treat this presidential race as a popularity contest,... without reading up on their candidates, what organizations they are part of and what ideologies they share with them. The Fact that three CFR agents (Obama, Clinto and Edwards) are the front runners on the Democratic side shows how pathetic we Americans are when looking into the options at hand to elect a President.

sad,.. very sad.
Posted 2843 days ago
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