Healthcare for all in California?
Added 2893 days ago in Health — The issue of universal healthcare looks set to become a key topic in the run up to next year's US presidential election.

With Congress stalled on enacting a nationwide plan, individual states are starting to take matters into their own hands.

In California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has just won approval from legislators for a major healthcare reform which will expand coverage to most of the state's uninsured.

It took nearly a year of sometimes fractious haggling, but legislators in America's most populous state have done what many predicted they could not

They have approved a bill to extend health insurance to virtually everyone in the nation's most populous state - all 36 million of them.

True, the measure has still to be approved by the state Senate and ratified in a popular vote, but it is nonetheless a considerable achievement.

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Who do you blame for the national medical health care crisis?
Health Care System
Insurance Companies
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King of the special interest groups - INSURANCE COMPANIES
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Here's another all of the above poll.Employers too.Not all but i have worked for some company's that have some shady practices.One company charges you the same as an insurance company.Has its own coverage and keeps the money thats left over at the end of the year.And get hurt sleaze every where.Greed is the main problem.I remember when a 20 dollar bill got you a physical.Hell you lucky if it pays for a prescription fill.Doctors are a problem too.they kill more people than guns and the pills they trick you into taking cause more health problems than street drugs.My uncle takes about 20 pills a day.Mostly for side affects of the two he may need.I met a guy at a gym takes 40 pills a day.
Yup its an all of the above answer for sure.
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