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blog.washingtonpost.com — Though it's easy to forget that the real world exists in the final days of any political campaign, the assassination of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto should serve as a potent reminder that events can change the political calculus in an instant.

It's not the first time that a major event in the world has intruded on a political campaign in recent years. Remember just before the 2004 general election when a new tape of terrorist Osama bin-Laden surfaced? Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) blamed the tape for his loss, days later, to George W. Bush, insisting that it stoked voters' fears.

The impact of the Bhutto assassination on the race for the White House is hard to gauge at this point. But that doesn't mean we won't try. In the immediate aftermath of the news, we wrote that the assassination seemed likely to benefit former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has found himself largely left out of the political conversation in recent weeks.

Giuliani quickly released a statement that described the assasination as part of a "Terrorists' War on Us" - hoping to remind the electorate of his largely-lauded performance in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. (In case voters missed the point, Giuliani made it far more bluntly in a new television commercial that went up in New Hampshire and Florida on Thursday.)

Aside from Giuliani, we tend to agree with the emerging conventional wisdom that any uncertainty abroad probably helps the so-called "safe" candidates like Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Sen.

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I can see this play a big role in the minds of undecided people. It will without a doubt tilt the scale towards candidates who are perceived to have a stronger stance on foreign policy, rather than a passive one.
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Why is it that some people want you to believe that something happens in a country on the other side of the world can affect who you vote for in America.Half a million kids die in Iraq and you think this corrupt womans death will get a reaction from Americans when the kids deaths don't.Give me a break
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