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huffingtonpost.com — Amid a heavy snow storm Friday afternoon, an overflow crowd of several hundred supporters bundled into a meeting hall in this economically battered town to hear candidate John Edwards escalate his closing campaign message of opposing "corporate greed" and denounce what he called a "small group of profiteers" dominating American life.

"Everything about America is threatened today...this is an epic struggle for the future of America," Edwards told the cheering crowd. "Corporate greed and the very powerful use their money to control Washington and this corrupting influence is destroying the middle class."

While all of the presidential campaigns have refocused to some degree on foreign policy in the wake of the murder of Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto, Edwards is keeping his message of economic fairness front and center during the final week of campaigning here. "We will defeat greed and fear - and strike a blow for working people, for those with no voice, for those Washington has ignored too long." Edwards made no mention of the Pakistani crisis in his newly re-tooled stump speech.

While Edwards has consistently campaigned on an economically populist program, his speech today in Dubuque was marked by a noticeable ratcheting up and radicalization of his critique of corporate wealth and power.

"Why on earth would we expect the corporate powers and their lobbyists, who make billions by selling out the middle-class, to just give up their power because we ask them nicely?"

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Good thing this poll wasn't about Ron Paul.It would give two choices and one would be positive with a negative overtone.The other just negative.Though Edwards is a lesser of the evils choices he still is an Evil.
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Unfortunately John Edwards says one thing and then does another. I am sick and tired of the same thing coming out of politicans mouths. If anyone would take the time to read the platforms of each party they would realize that most of them have the same story, just a different face.

Edwards began working full time at the One America Committee, a political action committee he established in 2001

If he does not believe in corporate greed then why would he have to establish a PAC to promote HIS One America? Be sure to check what he considers to be One America
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