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huffingtonpost.com — If only we were regularly reminded of how historically unreliable the Iowa and New Hampshire results have been as presidential predictors, we might have spent way more of the past year reading novels and planting gardens than we did being bamboozled by picturesque early-state hype.

When predictions get media megaphones, they become expectations. When those expectations are politically motivated (think candidates, surrogates, and partisan "analysts"), they become the expectations game. When those expectations are journalistically motivated (think the press' bias for suspense and hairpin narratives), they become monetized.

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Will the winner of the Iowa Caucus be our next President?
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Statistically they never choose the candidate who wins the Presidential race.
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The next president may or may not be the one we vote for.Electronic voting has already stolen the white house a few times.I can see a dirt bag fooling us and getting voted in one time but again after he is seen for what he really is?Billy cigar Clinton and george the lunatic bush .Twice i am sure of and probably more than we are sure of.
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Irregardless of who you support in your state primary or caucus it is vitally important that we watch the votes carefully this this. There are several independent organizattions that are doing just that. Be sure to google vote fraud and help out with this very important thing. The people need to take the government back from the political elite and corporate media.
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It's too early to tell at this time.
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