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observer.com — The young, well-educated, secular Turkish woman who hated Bush had never heard of the presidential candidate Barack Obama. I told her Obama was black and his middle name was Hussein. "Really?" she said, raising her eyebrows on cue. She understood why these tiny facts made an American curious about a Turk's opinion of Obama, and she smiled politely.

"Is he a good person?" she finally said.

In June, a Pew poll found that out of 47 countries, Turks had the least favorable view of the United States. This must have been confusing news to Americans who heard it: Isn't Turkey our ally? What did we do to them? Didn't we do much more terrible things to other countries? And what would it take to change their minds?

Such generalizations are easiest to communicate in simple Turkish, but there are thousands of specific grievances. One source of Turks' antipathy toward Bush-only one, but a big one-blew up during this holiday season of elections, assassinations and teen pregnancy. Turks not only opposed the war in Iraq, but grew infuriated that America was also preventing them from chasing down the PKK, the Kurdish guerrilla organization that had been hiding out in northern Iraq and attacking Turkish soldiers. The oppressed Kurds have been America's treasured allies in Iraq, but a few weeks ago, the U.S. provided Turkey with satellite imagery and the air space to invade.
"America is very good. I don't like Bush, but I like Americans."

Turks are fascinated by the idea of a half-black president with a Muslim name, but aren’t sure it would matter

“It will take a while, but if this doesn’t work, then anti-Americanism is beyond repair,” said Soli Ozel, a professor at Istanbul’s Bilgi University and a columnist and writer for various Turkish and international publications.

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