Republican New Hampshire Primary - Prediction Time!
Made popular 2884 days ago in Opinion — New Hampshire primary, candidates are toughening their messages and sharpening their attacks. But as Democrats and Republicans prepare for tonight's televised debates, it is interesting to note what they are not saying.

Consider the case of Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor. The Baptist minister won Iowa's Republican caucuses on Thursday by emphasizing his background as a Christian leader, highlighting his opposition to abortion and gay marriage.

But during his appearances in New Hampshire, he rarely mentions abortion or gay marriage and makes little or no reference to his faith. Instead, appealing to voters in a state with a relatively small evangelical population - and one in which abortion rights are backed by many Republicans and civil unions are legal - he delivers speeches focused on anti-tax themes and concern about global warming.

Huckabee is hardly alone in downplaying the usual social conservative issues. In recent appearances in New Hampshire, Senator John McCain of Arizona and former Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts also didn't mention abortion.

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Who do you predict will win the Republican New Hampshire Primary?
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John McCain
Fred Thompson
Rudy Giuliani
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
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Ron Paul will come in third, and that would be the greatest news in New Hampshire.
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