FOX News Republican Debate in New
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Another debate making it two days in a row now but tonight is only for the Republican candidates being hosted by Fox News and moderated by Chris Wallace.

Five major Republican candidates appear tonight in Manchester for a Fox News Channel presidential forum. The Fox forum has been criticized for excluding Republicans Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter from the forum. Yesterday the New Hampshire Republican Party announced it was dropping out as a Fox's partner in the forum because of the network's exclusion of Paul and Hunter.

The network has said it invited candidates who had received double-digit support in recent polls. Fox invited Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Fred Thompson.

Ron Paul has been excluded and, as such, the New Hampshire Republican Party decided to pull it's sponsorship from this debate as it believes nobody should be excluded. The NH Republican Party had also made pleas to ABC to include Kucinich and Hunter as well in their 1/5 debates.

But now it appears Paul will get his own televised town hall meeting, to which I say, good for him. Most candidates would love a televised town hall meeting where only they got to speak on issues. So perhaps for Paul, it will turn out better for him as he'll have a venue all to himself.

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Who won the FOX News Republican Debate in New Hampshire?
Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Mitt Romney
Fred Thompson
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I think Ron Paul won. These candidates should have taken the principled approach and boycotted the "debate" since FOX whimsically excluded relevant voices from the discussion.
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How smug and condescending did you intend to sound? It is unbelievable the disrespect you and others are showing for Ron Paul. I guess you are all afraid because you KNOW he's right. There could be no other reason for such immature attacks and for keeping him from debating with the rest. Duncan Hunter should not be kept from these debates either just because the MSM doesn't approve of what he says either. This is inexcusable in a free country as we are supposed to live in. It just shows we're not as free as we are told.
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Ron Paul won by not being there.I didnt watch this debate but i am confident they all lost like the losers they are.
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