Giuliani lay low
Added 2795 days ago in Politics — Rudy Giuliani's strategy, as he describes it, sounds a bit like playing rope-a-dope in a bar fight.

He will let Arizona Sen. John McCain and former governors Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Mike Huckabee of Arkansas whale on one another in the fickle, early primary states, the theory goes, while he slowly builds enough support for the Republican presidential nomination in states where he's got a shot of winning - Florida, California, New York.

The former New York City mayor has been telling voters and reporters for weeks about a 50-state strategy, a "nine-inning game" in which he can afford to forgo the fratricide in Iowa and New Hampshire.

It's unclear if that is working, but it is certainly true that it has been costly in the early primary states for a man who is ostensibly one of the party's top contenders.

While Giuliani claimed Sunday that he has spent as much time in New Hampshire as in any other state during the early going of this campaign, he still lags behind in most recent polls.

Of the five New Hampshire polls conducted since the Iowa caucus on Jan. 3, Giuliani reaches double-digit levels of support in just two. He is at best a distant third to McCain and Romney in each poll.

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Can a Strategy Of Losing Early Work?
Yes, he's going after big states, without injuring electability status
No, electability has become an issue to many voters
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Smart guy, maybe Giuliani's advisers can help dummy Hillary!
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