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nytimes.com — The all-new, listening and accessible Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton took her message door to door on Thursday night in a heavily Hispanic working-class neighborhood near downtown Las Vegas. She knocked on doors with campaign workers, urging voters to caucus for her in the coming Democratic contest.

As moments go, the walk down the street of small lots and tidy houses was about as spontaneous as a 500-guest wedding. People along the block were told that she would be coming to the Clinton-friendly neighborhood, and live-news trucks outnumbered onlookers in the street.

Many residents still seemed thrilled to see Mrs. Clinton, as she expressed admiration for their homes and introduced small children to her daughter, Chelsea.

"I need your help," Mrs. Clinton said again and again, at one point tapping on her heart with a closed hand.

Ray Kincaid seemed mildly shocked to be standing talking to a hoarse Mrs. Clinton in his neighbor's yard.

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