Republican Michigan Primary - Prediction Time!
Made popular 2824 days ago in Opinion — Fox News Host Chris Wallace Well, with the primary races wide open in both parties, we continue our series "Choosing the President" today with an exclusive interview with former mayor Rudy Giuliani, who joins us from the campaign trail in Florida.

And, Mayor, welcome back to "FOX News Sunday."

WALLACE: You were the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for all of 2007, but that has changed dramatically in recent weeks. Let's take a look, sir.

The RealClearPolitics average of recent national polls now shows John McCain is leading, with you back in third place trailing by 10 points.

And even in Florida, which your campaign has always called its firewall, a poll came out this weekend that shows you in second place, trailing McCain by eight points.

So, Mayor, I've got a simple question. What happened?

GIULIANI: The race tightened up. It's a wide-open race. We have now several candidates that have won different primaries.

You get a great deal of momentum and bounce from winning, but the reality is, you know, we've got a good long campaign here in Florida that we've put on for quite some time. We've got a lot of time until January 29th.

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Who do you predict will win the Republican Michigan Primary?
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Fred Thompson
Rudy Giuliani
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Duncan Hunter
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Posted 2825 days ago
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One thing is for certain if Mitt Romney does not do well in Michigan, he's out. This is a very critical primary for him. This is his best shot at staying in the race.
Posted 2825 days ago
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I see McCain and romney spammers are I forgot its a landslide in popular support unless its Ron Paul.The guy who believes in a false religion that is proven to be a lie.Or a traitor collaborator POW who is put to you as a hero.Since julyannie has been exposed for what he is they will steal the primary for McCain the loony coward who struts like some tuff guy.They both are dangerouse and will empose the draft and take your kids to sacrifice them for the bankers and the NWO.Don't be stupid and blow this shit off as crazy.Research it all and you decide by the evidence. Ron Paul knows and is telling you and you let some loser talking heads tell you what to think.It must be true cuz I readed it in da newz papor.Uh Duh and da t.b. says its da troof.
Posted 2824 days ago
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Right on cuda, where have the Paulites disappeared.
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