Democratic Michigan Primary - Prediction Time!
Made popular 2757 days ago in Opinion — With recession fears looming large in the US presidential election, Democrat Hillary Clinton is offering a plan to rescue the US economy and woo voters worried about their pocketbooks.

America's wobbly economy has become a top issue of concern among US voters, putting the issue at the forefront of campaign speeches among Repubublican and Democratic hopefuls seeking their parties' respective nominations.

Republicans are campaigning hard in Michigan ahead of the party's primary there on Tuesday, vowing to bring jobs to the state, which is home to a struggling auto industry and the nation's highest unemployment rate.

Democratic contenders, meanwhile, have presented rival plans to halt the decline of the country's mighty economy.

"What people are talking to me about is the economy," Clinton told NBC television on Sunday. "We're slipping toward recession. Some people think we're in recession right now."

"I've proposed a very vigorous package of economic action that I think would ... forestall and mitigate against what is going on in the economy," she said.

Her top rival for the nomination, Senator Barack Obama, presented Sunday his own 75 billion dollar plan, which includes tax cuts for low-income Americans as well as help for the unemployed and relief for the housing crisis.

"The time has come to bridge the growing divide between Main Street and Wall Street," Obama said in a statement, adding that his plan would "jumpstart the economy by putting money in the pockets of those who ne

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Who do you predict will win the Democratic Michigan Primary?
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
John Edwards
Dennis Kucinich
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Posted 2757 days ago
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I guess you people on this poll are looking for an upset or miracle. You ought to check the CNN/ABC polls.
Posted 2757 days ago
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Hillary or Dennis will win here in Michigan b/c they are the only two on the Democratic Michigan Primary ticket!
Posted 2757 days ago
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True, but voters can opt out as uncommitted which would be a win for Obama.
Posted 2757 days ago
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Hi Dear American friends,

I am wondering about your non-thinking politics in the News, how you guys are without thinking you are jumping from 10 floors down to catch a fish!) by the way when you reach down to the water the Fish is gone.

Same thing about American Politics now!!!!!!! in the past(2004) without thinking voted for war President Bush and now about H. Clinton and B.Clinton that THey are blaming Obama for his Drug use (( so Obama never lied about that )) On that age We never know what H. and B. Clintons did ? Are you awear of that NEVER EVER and they never ever tell you guys. and more important that B.Clinton Sworn as a President of USA and He lied under the same oath and Sworn to his wife and family you and his country(( So We don't know about other Darks side of Hilary and Bill's personal life that they coverd long time ago and will never surface to you and any body else Make sure for that ok))) but Obama even in his personal life He told you guys in his book and in all hs speeches that you guys ask about it)). So for me I am a Canadian I don't get any advantage from booth side but i will tell you that ((( Don't trust, Don't blieve, Don't Jump for those lies and cries that you you will be suffring once again for mores years to come! Why ? Because you are paying with your life that pass with heart breaking suffer every day after to another day of your life not mine !
God Bless America and good luck all.
Posted 2757 days ago
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Bill and hilary are both crack smoking dope heads.Don't believe it?Billy's doctors office has a fire in it.When they traced the area that the fire started it just happened to be the file cabinet containing bills medical history.Didn't want you to find out his sinus cavities are trashed from snorting too much coke.Hilary well she is involved in every one of bill's scandals.I belive she is the party slut she is rumored to be.Bisexual feminazi.
Posted 2757 days ago
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Why Bisexual maybe a full blown Lesbian. But back to the issue, Hillary is still more electable against the war mongering Republicans.
Posted 2757 days ago
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While it is nice to have this type of poll it is deceptive as Obama is not on the ballot in Michigan and therefore can not win the Primary.
Posted 2756 days ago
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Most of the republican party is pro war but Ron Paul isn't and never has been.The democrats are also pro war except for Gravel and Kucinich.They lie just like the democrats that ran for the houses did and then will keep on backing the war.Watch and see when they steal the election for Hitlery.Just like they did for george swastika boosh.
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