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Added 2876 days ago in Opinion — Forty-one percent (41%) of Americans say that, of all the Presidential candidates, Barack Obama is getting the most preferential treatment from the media. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 30% believe Hillary Clinton is getting the most preferential treatment. Five percent (5%) say Mike Huckabee is the candidate favored by the media.

Forty-eight percent (48%) of Democratic voters say that Obama is getting the best treatment from the media while just 18% think Clinton is favored. Among Republicans, 46% say Clinton gets the best coverage while 36% say Obama is the media favorite.

The survey, conducted in partnership with Fox Television Stations, Inc., also found that 26% of the nation's adults are "really into" the Presidential election while 15% are bored to tears. Just over half, 56%, say they're paying attention but not really into it.

Thirty-one percent (31%) of Republicans are really into the election along with 28% of Democrats and 17% of those not affiliated with either party.

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Among the Democratic Candidates who do you Believe is Getting the Most Preferential Media Treatment?
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
John Edwards
This is not a scientific survey, click here to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding and voting descrepencies.
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Hi dear American friends,

I am wondering about your non-thinking politics in the News, how you guys are without thinking you are jumping from 10 floors down to catch a fish!) by the way when you reach down to the water the Fish is gone.

Same thing about American Politics now!!!!!!! in the past(2004) without thinking voted for war President Bush and now about H. Clinton and B.Clinton that THey are blaming Obama for his Drug use (( so Obama never lied about that )) On that age We never know what H. and B. Clintons did ? Are you awear of that NEVER EVER and they never ever tell you guys. and more important that B.Clinton Sworn as a President of USA and He lied under the same oath and Sworn to his wife and family you and his country(( So We don't know about other Darks side of Hilary and Bill's personal life that they coverd long time ago and will never surface to you and any body else Make sure for that ok))) but Obama even in his personal life He told you guys in his book and in all hs speeches that you guys ask about it)). So for me I am a Canadian I don't get any advantage from booth side but i will tell you that ((( Don't trust, Don't blieve, Don't Jump for those lies and cries that you you will be suffring once again for mores years to come! Why ? Because you are paying with your life that pass with heart breaking suffer every day after to another day of your life not mine !

God Bless America and good luck all.
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C'mon - thought this one would be cut and dry. Who's voting? Pundits and the Media has been definitely pro Obama.
Posted 2875 days ago
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Obama has been "The Media Darling, Rock Star" amog some others, and I have found The Media to be almost 1005 behind him, I have found not even one negative story over these many months.
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