Red-state Dems sour on
Added 2827 days ago in Politics — The string of recent Obama endorsements seems to be more than a coincidence.

During extensive interviews in recent weeks in Republican-leaning states, Politico found widespread belief among current and former Democratic statewide officials that Obama is the more electable candidate with their electorates. These politicians also frequently registered a fear that Clinton's personality and past history make her too polarizing to win independent and Republican-leaning voters.

That list includes states, like South Carolina, that have been off the table for generations for Democrats. It also includes places on the edge of the table, like Colorado, which in recent elections has been in play even though Republicans usually win in the end.

"I happen to believe that Obama is the most electable, both in Virginia and elsewhere," said Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, an early Obama backer. "I really think to win you gotta get independent votes….Independent voters like people who they don't believe are defined by political orthodoxy."

In Arizona, Napolitano first met Obama last February at a governor's meeting in Washington and ruminated about her choice for months, following up with the candidate and his staff by phone and e-mail. She said she decided that Obama's message of generational change and transcending partisan polarization in Washington was best-suited for winning the 2008 election, including in Arizona.

“One-third of our voters will be independent voters,” Napolitano said. “Whoever wins independents will win the state. That’s not to say she doesn’t or can’t. But he does better.”

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The defining outcome by Independents this time around will be along party line and not along candidate choice. So I voted NO. Politco has good write articles that are convincing, but I see a slant in them.
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