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Added 2874 days ago in Opinion — Just hours before a Michigan presidential primary that could reshape the Republican campaign, autos and politics collided Monday as candidates made their final pitches to voters.

At the center of today's contest: an electorate battered by layoffs, falling home values and rising uncertainty.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Arizona Sen. John McCain and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee visited the North American International Auto Show, paying homage to the industry that dominates the state despite the fading fortunes of the Big 3 automakers. California Rep. Duncan Hunter, a long shot for the GOP campaign, courted voters in Lawrence, near Paw Paw, and Battle Creek.

In an indication of how important the auto industry's plight has become to the campaign, McCain re-arranged his campaign schedule - loaded Monday with appearances on the west side of the state - to visit the auto show. Romney, his main competitor here, delivered a speech at the Detroit Economic Club on Monday in which he pledged a five-fold increase in federal research on automotive technologies, to $20 billion.

The Republican race is more competitive, but no less clear. A half-dozen public polls released since Saturday gave few clues beyond indicating a close race between McCain and Romney for the top spot; results ranged from an 8 percentage point lead for Romney to a 3-point edge for McCain.

Huckabee appears to be in a solid third place, though a challenge to the top two was not out of reach.

It's a fitting situation in a Republican campaign as wide open as any in decades.

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What could be of more value to Michigan voters?
Straight Talk
Business Experience
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Explain to me why do people say something & do another. Most people say it's the economy and no one seems to be grading any of the candidates on that matter. Wake up people.
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