Democrats Debate in Las
Made popular 2875 days ago in Politics — Democratic presidential rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama jointly pledged to bury a rancorous debate over race Tuesday night, each agreeing in a nationally televised debate that the other had long favored civil rights.

Both blamed supporters for some of the anger that had seeped into their competition for the party's presidential nomination in recent days.

"We both have exuberant and sometimes uncontrollable supporters," Clinton said in the opening moments of a two-hour debate televised on MSNBC.

Obama said both have "supporters or staff who get overzealous. They start saying things that I would not say."

Clinton, Obama and former Sen. John Edwards sat down for their debate as the former first lady won a meaningless Michigan presidential primary, a contest held in violation of party rules.

Asked whether he regrets that his campaign was pushing the story of racial divisiveness, Obama replied, "not only in hindsight, but going forward."

For her part, Clinton sidestepped when asked whether she would ban businessman Robert Johnson from a role in her campaign. Johnson made an evident reference to Obama's youthful drug use in a weekend appearance _ although he denied that was his intent.

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Who Won the MSNBC Democratic Debate in Las Vegas?
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
John Edwards
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Why does this poll have about 20 times more responses that is usual around here?
Who is gaming the process?
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It is in Obama's best interest to not get into a mud-slinging contest with Hillary as this will show proof that he is a subject of change. It's a sad state of affairs if the US goes Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton. Is there truly nothing better?
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Hillary won by knowing how to give crisp and informative answers....I don't know who is voting on your poll but seems a little strange since it was so clear cut that Hillary won!!!
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