McCain open to Lieberman as VP?
Added 2873 days ago in Society & Religion — The Wall Street Journal reports that, in an interview with John McCain, he "did little to dissuade" the notion that he may select Joe Lieberman as his running mate. "He'd be a great partner in any endeavor, including joining America together," McCain said in response to a question on the Lieberman factor. "Let's reach across the aisle, let's work together for America. That's what Joe Lieberman is all about." McCain has previously said he "definitely" wants Lieberman to have a national security role in his administration.

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Given that Joe Lieberman has dual citizenship (American & Israeli), would you vote for that ticket?
Yes, does not make a difference to me
No, his foreign policy shows a conflict of interest
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Posted 2873 days ago
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This guy is another Cheney, if not worse.
Posted 2872 days ago
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This guy belongs to the Israeli lobby.
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I never heard of dual citizenship.
If he is, he should be on the floor of the senate.
He is a traitor.
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