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politico.com — For people reading between the lines, Mike Huckabee's concession speech here Saturday night dropped some enticing hints that his presidential campaign now has an agenda other than getting elected president.

Huckabee's new role: Mitt-killer.

The former Arkansas governor threw air kisses on primary night to winner John McCain, praising him for "running a civil and a good and a decent campaign."

He also signaled clearly that he is staying in the race, despite losing three straight states. Exit polls in South Carolina indicated - as they had in the previous three contests - that Huckabee did virtually nil with voters beyond his base of conservative evangelicals, raising doubts that he has a plausible path to the GOP nomination.

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Would a McCain / Huckabee ticket be the kiss of death for Romney, and seal the Republican Nomination?
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Going into the big states, Economy is going to become huge. This race is still wide open, even though McCain won south carolina.
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I voted yes, however I prefer the ticket as Huckaboom/ Lazarus. The Amoeba, Romney, has as much a chance of winning the Republican Nomination as does Biden winning the democratic debate; Biden has already dropped out.
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