Clinton, Obama Clash Over Records, Votes in
Made popular 2867 days ago in Opinion — Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama clashed over their past actions as lawyers, their votes as lawmakers and whether each was misrepresenting the other's views in a South Carolina presidential primary debate.

Obama said Clinton was ``a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart'' while he was fighting for working-class Americans in Illinois. He said former President Bill Clinton has made ``untrue'' statements about Obama's record.

Hillary Clinton said Obama had praised Republican ideas that she was fighting when Obama was representing a contributor's ``slum landlord business'' in inner-city Chicago, a reference to Chicago businessman Tony Rezko, who in December was accused of corruption and fraud. Obama last year gave to charity more than $44,000 in campaign donations linked to Rezko.

The discussion had each candidate trying to speak over the other, setting a harsh tone for tonight's Democratic debate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in a forum sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and CNN. At one point, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, 54, interjected: ``There is a third person in this debate.''

Responding to Clinton's ``slum lord'' comment, Obama said he was an associate at a law firm representing a church group teamed with Rezko on a project, and ``did about five hours worth of work on this joint project.''

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Is Obama running away from his record?
Yes, every example about his record has an excuse
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He has to have an excuse for many things because he can not represent all Americans if he truely believes in his church. See this polls results:
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In an effort to discredit Obama, the Clintons are distorting his remarks and his record. It's the machine and if Obama can't stand the heat then he does not deserve the job.

Karl Rove and the GOP are salivating for Hillary for never before have they had so much material to work with; from being a dyke to the endless bloodtrail, the GOP will tear her apart. Nevertheless, Obama has to take Hillary on her word when she declared war on him during her victory speech stating "that's how the west was won" Bloody!!
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He needs to be asked the hard questions-but the media and some people would rather diss the Clintons. America was in great shape under President Clinton and I have no doubt we would do well under Hillary Clinton--but rather than talk about the good things she has done -people want to stick their heads in the mud.
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