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afp.google.com — Senator John McCain has won the Republican party's caucuses in Louisiana while longshot candidate Ron Paul took second place, the state party said Wednesday, citing preliminary results.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, a leading candidate for the Republican nomination, came in third, Louisiana Republican party Chairman Roger Villere said in a statement.

"I offer my congratulations Senator John McCain on his success in the Louisiana caucuses," Villere said in a statement.

"Senator McCain is an American hero and this is further evidence that he enjoys strong support in Louisiana and throughout the South," he said.

Villere did not release any figures from the caucuses held Tuesday evening, stressing that that the results were preliminary.

The remaining delegates-those who are "at large" or "bonus" delegates-will be selected at the state convention; if someone gets 50% of the vote in a "beauty contest" primary on Feb. 9, then he gets that second tranch of delegates; otherwise, they're also nominally uncommitted. Louisiana has 47 delegates total, 20 of which will be determined during a separate state primary on Feb. 9. Tuesday's caucus elected 105 delegates to attend the Feb. 16 state convention, who in turn will elect 21 delegates. (The remaining six are split between the state chair, national committeeman and national committeewoman and the three bonus delegates the state received in the wake of Gov. Bobby Jindal's election.)

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Who won the Louisiana Republican Caucuses?
Mitt Romney
John McCain
Mike Huckabee
Ron Paul
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Out of the 47 Delegates 27 are yet to be awarded, don't jump to conclusions. Pro-life people are not ready to give it to McCain. He will only get the remaining delegates as a last resort.
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