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Added 2774 days ago in Opinion — The Republican knock on John McCain is that he is a Republican beloved only by Democrats and reporters.

The Democratic knock on McCain is that he is the Republican they would least like to face in the fall.

Those aren't hard knocks for McCain to take right now.

Republican primary voters seem to be finding ways to vote for him. As they come to believe he is the candidate Democrats fear most, they'll probably find it even easier to vote for him in the coming primaries. And John McCain will be the nominee of the party he invited himself to so rudely.

The perennial McCain-haters in the party's pseudo-establishment and right wings might cry in their milk if McCain is the nominee. But they'll be joined by Democrats of all wings.

A McCain nomination would provide many amusing ironies. The one that would be most vexing for the disorganized assemblage known as the Democratic Party is this: the 2008 Republican primaries have been uniquely un-Republican - lacking an early front-runner, unpredictable and divisive - yet they produced the party's strongest possible general election candidate.

The irony for Republicans is that the mischievous, anti-authoritarian party gadfly they thought they had offed in the summer of 2007 might save their elephant hide in the fall of 2008.

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In New Hampshire, 44 percent of the voters in the Democratic primary called themselves independents. In the Republican primary, 37 percent were independents and 40 percent of that crowd went for John McCain.

Four national surveys this month have polled to see how John McCain and Hillary Clinton would run against each other. McCain won in three of the four polls. In polls pitting her against Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani (three polls each), Clinton won every time. (McCain batted only .500 in the four match-ups with Barack Obama, who also appeals to independents.)
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