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Made popular 2774 days ago in Politics — For Republican presidential contenders John McCain and Mitt Romney, Thursday's MSNBC debate presented a chance to step out smartly in the struggle for victory in next week's Florida primary.

For Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee, it represented perhaps a last, best hope to shake up a statewide - and national - campaign that appears to be slowly leaving them behind.

Rep. Ron Paul, a libertarian-leaning Texan with a vocal following, also had a spot on the stage for the prime-time debate, broadcast on MSNBC.

The Florida primary offers 57 Republican National Convention delegates to the winner. It is the first big state to vote in the nominating campaign, the first winner-take-all contest in terms of delegates and the final election before a virtual national primary on Feb. 5.

The five contenders shared a stage as polls suggested Romney and McCain were co-frontrunners in the state. Both the former Massachusetts governor and the Arizona senator are campaigning aggressively and have sparred periodically over the economy and tax cuts.

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Who Won the MSNBC Republican Debate in Florida?
Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
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McCain is such a twit.He says HE saved us 6 billion by apposing a tanker deal?HE saved us?His vote is worth more than All the others that apposed it.What a twit.Julyannie says he changed welfare and put people to work.Excuse me!isn't welfare a county thing Mayor?And I believe welfare to work programs were started during the bill(cigar)clintone's presidency.Geez why do these clowns look you in the eye's and take credit for things that they obviously aren't entitled to?Notice how McCain is so nice to huckelberry?Probably going to give his support to him.Julyannie too with the rudy is a real 9/11 hero bull shit.Romney with his double talk about the campaign donations.He did tell us in the end didn't he?I am the biggest donor to my campaign.But claims he has raised more money than all the other campaigns.Guy sure is a smooth talking bull shitter isn't he?Then we got Ron Paul.Always the nice guy.Never making personal attacks.Always trying to get the neo-cons to step away from the liberal.It sure would be nice is they did.But they have already sold their souls and they were given no receipt.All sales are final.But they can repent.It will only cost them their ill gotten wealth and power.
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above i meant huckelberry will give his support to McCain when he drops out.
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