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Made popular 2811 days ago in Politics — This year's State of the Union address should be called the State of the Legacy address. George W. Bush enters his last year as President unpopular, politically weak and with his place in history largely dependent on the unpredictable future of Iraq. But Bush believes his revamped staff and newly centrist foreign policy can broaden the view of his presidency and reframe him as an agent for freedom at home and abroad. Beneath Bush's modest proposals and lofty rhetoric Monday evening, the subtext will be simple: history will vindicate me.

The theme of the speech is, "Trusting and empowering people to make decisions for themselves," says White House spokesperson Dana Perino. Bush first brought the idea of a grand summation of his presidency to his speechwriters last April, she says, and they began working on it in December as a way of carrying his last to-do list in the State of the Union speech. The theme is intended to unite Bush's domestic agenda items (making his tax breaks permanent and boosting the economy) with foreign priorities (pursuing the war in Iraq, peacemaking and boosting foreign aid) under the banner of liberty.

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How will History judge the Presidency of George W. Bush?
Initiator of America's Global Decline
Champion of Freedom & Democracy
Vanguard of American Security
Biggest Buffoon in US Political History
International War Ciminal
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Never the greatest orator, he gave a particularly unimpassioned speech tonight.
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Curious your a kind individual. Was this for lack of better words.
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