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Made popular 2860 days ago in Politics — The Republican White House hopefuls tried to present themselves as the most conservative candidate in the final showdown before the Super Tuesday contests.

When asked if Americans are better off than they were eight years ago, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said Washington has not dealt with the country's problems.

"We have people who feel there needs to be a change in Washington, and that's what I represent," he said, kicking off the Republican debate.

Romney said some of rival John McCain's views are "out of the mainstream" conservative thought and have hurt the Republican party.

"I would also note if you get endorsed by The New York Times, you're probably not a conservative," Romney said.

McCain, who has emerged as the Republican front-runner, shot back saying, "Let me note that I was endorsed by your two hometown newspapers." McCain said he was proud of his conservative record.

As McCain and Romney dominated the early portion of the debate, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee jumped in, saying, "I want to make sure this is not a two-man race. There's another guy down here.

"If we're going to talk conservatism, I'd like to be in on the discussion."

A narrowed field of GOP presidential hopefuls is on stage at the debate. Just hours earlier, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the race and endorsed McCain, who won the Florida primary Tuesday.

Giuliani made his announcement at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, the site of Wednesday night&

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Who won the CNN Republican Debate in California?
John McCain
Mitt Romney
Ron Paul
Mike Huckabee
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Ron Paul should have bitch slapped Anderson for tizzing him.Or at least someone should do it for him.Romney and McCain waste so much time in these debates over something so trivial.And Anderson cuts Ron Paul off Twice when he had something meaningfull to say.Any pin head who votes for these morons is just that.A friggin pin head.
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Ron Paul's common sense causes the audience to cheer for his cause. I am certain that Arnold and Nancy Reagan heard it.

Now McCain. He speeches are getting boring: "I was a foot soldier for the Reagan revolution...blah blah blah...Jack Kemp...blah blah blah. That was his answer for Ron Paul's "question" in the Florida debate too. There is no substance and he is as dumb as a rock and thinks that leadership is more important than knowledge.

And then there is Romney. Because he has governed a state, he can be president. He is rich enough and just wants to win his name in the history books. He has lobbyists in his campaign who will be expecting corporate benefits in return. He isn't there for the right reason.

Huckabee is a nice guy, but names matter and he is on the other spectrum from Dukakis. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Bush, Clinton and Huckabee?? He will do well in the breadbasket. Makes me suspect that Obama should change his name to Quincy Jackson.

Arnold is only following the status quo and Nancy Reagan, who knows...who cares...
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