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worldmeets.us — Viewed from inside the United States, the election of a woman to the presidency would mark a change. Because the women's liberation movement has some of its roots there - in The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir often referred to the achievements of the American women - we sometimes imagine society across the Atlantic to be more sexually egalitarian than it is in reality. Any discrimination on the basis of gender is prohibited by law and punishable by the courts, but the resistance of men to sharing power is no less strong.

If Mr. Obama becomes the candidate of the Democratic Party and if he beats the Republican candidate, it will be a little over 40 years after the enactment of the law mandating respect for the right of Blacks to vote, which was the culmination of a struggle to recognize the dignity of Americans whose ancestors were forced into slavery, and which began with the Civil War in 1861. To be certain, the senator from Illinois is not himself a product of this history. He was born in Hawaii of a Kenyan father and a White mother from Kansas, who then took him to Indonesia.

The Democratic race is thus flirting with a dangerous competition between inequalities to correct or injustices to repair. The risk is that by dividing the electorate of their party, the two candidates could cause fractures that the one who is nominated cannot repair.

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What gap do you believe is larger in the U.S., Gender Gap or Race Gap?
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WOW the Race gap is a joke.The zionist force diversity on the united states through control of our government and schools and you ask if race is a legitimate gap?Feminism has brainwashed our kids to the point that parents will be lucky to have grandkids and you ask about this gap.Ignorance is not a virtue.Killing a fetus is still murder.Homosexuality is still against God and nature.Mixing the nations and mixing with pagans still does not make God smile.
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Great poll. Cuda, take a pill
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