Clinton accuses Barack Obama of
Made popular 2842 days ago in Opinion — Hillary Clinton has accused Barack Obama of plagiarism as the former First Lady attempts to drag her high-flying young opponent into a pitched battle for the Democratic nomination.

Having triumphed in eight consecutive primary elections, Mr Obama is forecast to continue his stunning ascent with victories in Hawaii and Wisconsin on Tuesday, although the latter is a close race.

However, he has been forced into the unwelcome distraction of fighting off charges from Mrs Clinton's camp that he lacks credibility after he used a short passage from a speech by his friend Deval Patrick, the Governor of Massachusetts, nearly verbatim and without attribution.

Howard Wolfson, Mrs Clinton's chief spokesman, said: "Senator Obama's campaign is largely premised on the strength of his rhetoric and his promises, because he doesn't have a long record in public life. When the origin of his oratory is called into question, it raises questions about his overall candidacy."

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When I went to school they were serious claims. Maybe the young people now are the cut and paste generation and find it okay to do so.
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Hillary Campaign are you serious. The guy he got this from is his friend. His friend personally gave Obama the words when they were talking about Hillary and McCain saying Obama's nothing but words. I don't think it's plagiarism if the person gives it to you. Hillary don't give Obama fired up and ready to go but she's using that without anyone jumping up and screaming it. Get real!
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He went to Harvard....he can't write his own stuff?
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It seems I recall a few years back that the Oprah show featured a young female who was 'under fire' for plagiarism. I can't recall the details but it was a big deal. Over the years I have heard parents countless times say to their children "You can be anything you want to be. You can grow up to be President". That seemed to be the highest aspiration .... grow up and be president. It is the responsibility of each presidential candidate to 'lead by example'. Senator Obama has been given the gift of being a great orator. He has chosen to demonstrate 'sluffing' by not using his own words and not giving credit to the person whose words he used. It may not be criminal but it is certainly not 'becoming' of a person who has asked the U. S. citizens to put 'faith' in him and make him President. I can hear the argument from many highschoolers and college students who are reprimanded for plagiarism ....'if the President can do it, why can't I?" Senator Obama didn't just use a few words, he used many. He used from not just one speech but from as least two. He may have had permission but he still should have given credit instead of 'passing them off' as his own. No, it's not criminal but it is SHAMEFUL!
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