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cbsnews.com — Barack Obama will win Tuesday's Democratic primary in Wisconsin, defeating Hillary Clinton, CBS News projects based on exit polls.

Meanwhile, in the state's Republican primary, CBS News projects, also based on exit polls, that John McCain will win the state, putting him ever closer to wrapping up the GOP nomination.

Early CBS News exit polling of Wisconsin Democratic voters indicated that Obama and Clinton evenly split several groups that, earlier in the year, had been seen as part of Clinton's base: women, those without college degrees, and those earning less than $50,000 a year. Meanwhile, Obama continued to dominate the groups that have favored him in the past, including men, college graduates and those earning more than $50,000 a year.

Exit polls did indicate an age gap, with Obama winning among young voters and Clinton being the favorite of those over 60 years old.

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Posted 2839 days ago
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Not yet, but very close.
Posted 2839 days ago
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Now, but it was close...
Posted 2839 days ago
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I agree - not yet, but very close. I do hope that, if she loses either Texas or Ohio, she will have the grace to stand down, for the good of the Democratic Party and, especially, for the good of the country; vicious, dvisive politics is harmful and degrades the whole democratic process. Indeed, it degrades us all.
Posted 2838 days ago
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Degrades?? This IS what the democratic process is all about. I hope she fights to the end!
Posted 2837 days ago
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Not over until....you know the saying..... sings
I hope we all sing as woman...go Hillary
Posted 2836 days ago
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The person who has shown extremely poor judgement is the person who used someone else's words as though they were his own. He used from at least two different speeches. That is being deceptive. Choosing the 'low' road is the person who is spending donated dollars to send out false information about another person's plan when in fact his own plan reads much like hers. We know her plan was first because she has been working on it for the past 10 years, honing it so it will work well. If you look at the Texas debate again you can plainly see at the beginning of the debate when he had a chance to talk substantively, he chose to let Hillary speak and she eloquently laid out her plans and how to achieve them. He, in turn, said he largely agreed with what she said and then pointed out two minor differences. His actions, not his words, show he is in 'over his head'. He is using other people's words, using other people's plans, and choosing to use 'dirty tactics' instead of relying on issues. I can only pray America comes to its senses before we get into another 8 yrs. of hell. Why 8 you might ask. It's 8 because after 4 more disasterous years with Obama, our country will panic once again and vote Republican the next 4 years .... that's how we got G. W.
The person who is degrading the policies of the democratic party is Barack Obama, not Hillary! Oprah always is saying to listen to your 'gut' .... your intuition. My gut is screaming that Obama is great at 'blowing hot air' but will not be able to achieve most of what he says he'll do. This is too important an election to give our country over to an inexperienced person. Remember that we have North Korea, China, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Russia, and others to pay close attention to for U. S. safety. We need someone who is going to be able to handle ANY situation we may find ourselves in. If we let an inexperienced person run our nation, I guarantee we will be worse off than we are now .... and we're in CRISIS! It's time people started thinking with their heads instead of gushing over 'words'.
Posted 2832 days ago
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It is over has been for sometime now. So goes IOWA for the first time SO GOES THE WORLD.(lol iowan here). but really think about this if we take out the Super Delegetes Barack Obama has been ahead this entire race. Heres another point when this race first started Hillary Clinton started with 148 "super delegetes" Barack started with 2 and down an averge of 23 points in all states polls. I like Hillary and so hillraisers listen up tell her to get rid of Bill Clinton he is no longer an accet to her. I know she though she need him to win this but had bill never came out after iowa hillary could possible still be in this remember she had 57% of the black vote before bill opened his big mouth. Get rid of bill and you have my support in 2016.
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