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Made popular 2840 days ago in Opinion — It was only a few months ago that American was laughing at Hillary Clinton's absurd sense of inevitability. Remember the "Saturday Night Live" sketch in which Hillary (as played by Amy Poehler) smugly cracked that Democrats would support their nominee "no matter who she may be"? It's been a few weeks since that inevitability collapsed-the South Carolina blowout was probably the tipping point. But it was only last night that Hillary finally acquired the odor of a loser.

Conversely, Hillary has been completely stripped of what was once her greatest asset: inevitability. Many of her early supporters believed the Clinton machine was virtually invulnerable. Mark Penn had mapped the electoral matrix. Her press team operated with the flawless efficiency of a Secret Service detail. Bill had telepathic powers over fellow Democrats. But none of it has worked so far. And if none of it has worked until now, why should it work on March 4-which even Hillary's defenders call her last stand? And why should voters in those states expect it to work in November? (And even if the media has at times been unfair to Hillary, well, cracking the national media's bizarre code is part of being a successful politician.)

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As polls in Texas tighten up between Obama & Clinton, will you change your mind & vote with momentum?
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I can't believe this. THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST! Too many must live in a bubble because our country is in CRISIS. We cannot continue as is. It's not too late to ask yourselves; 'who is going to deliver getting our country's enormous deficit balanced, who is going to restore relations with the international community, who is going to truly help the middle class who is rapidly joining the 'poor', who is going to keep us safe from terrorists, who is going to help people with healthcare and education, who is going to ensure that not only the U.S. but all the world does whatever we can to become 'green' and protect our planet? I've left out many issues but you get the point. If you think 'experience' doesn't matter then you don't have a clue. An analogy would be 'possession is nine tenths of the law'. Experience counts for about 90% of running our country. If you don't know how to get things done, things are not going to get done right. Look at G. W. He certainly didn't know how to run the country and relied heavily on Cheney and Rumsfeld. Look where it got us! We don't know who the candidates are going to put in their 'cabinet' so we can only rely on the candidates' records. I can't remember when this has been such an important election. If we, the people, choose unwisely, we could very possibly be the cause of dismantling the democracy we have. I implore you not to 'ride the wave' of popularity ..... please vote with intelligence.
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