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Added 2774 days ago in Opinion & — I've been watching TV and reading the blogs and I've noticed that on the question of if a combo in the general happens between Hillary and Obama Hillary would be president and Obama VP. Wow, Wow, wow... she's not even in the lead and so called momentum is not even surely on her side, at least not yet. Obama still looks to have actual momentum because of how far he closed the large gap there was between them two weeks ago. Hillary supporters may be calling this way too soon.
Obama supporters seem to be what Hillary's supporters were during the Potomac Primaries. They're worrying about the lead he still has, eventhough Hillary lost her lead in Virginia, DC, and Maryland.
Hillary next week has to duck, Obama supporters are going to be like gang busters to vote for him just like her supporters in NH.
Hillary and her supports are also calling this way too soon because he's won over 20 contest and she's won about 14, she can't say the people are voting for her, he can.
This may not be real momentum we're seeing with Hillary, just a lead that was always there and couldn't be topped, yet closed, by Obama.
Most GOP I know her in Rich, Va. would like to see a Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama '08, and DEMS here would like to see an Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton '08
What about you? And what are your comments on my opinion and basic fact, if Hillary was leading and Obama supporters were doing the same thing as hers I would say the same thing. What do you think?

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Which combo is actually possible right now?
Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton '08
Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama '08
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Their is no way she would be on his ticket. He would not pick her anyway.
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I can't think of one reason why he should.

If he adds her on his ticket he just as well add Bill Clinton.

So nice (hahahaah) to see them holding hands...After the Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones scandal.
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