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timesonline.co.uk — In politics the most determined person gets the top job - and Ms Clinton is really desperate. Last week, with commendable honesty, Hillary Clinton's campaign announced that in a frantic push to save their candidate from defeat at the hands of Barack Obama, they were going to throw everything including the "kitchen sink" at him.

It was derided at the time as merely a sign of the desperation that 11 straight primary defeats and a host of premature political obituaries had wrought. But it turned out to be both an accurate forecast of the next phase of the campaign and a description of one of the most brilliant tactical manoeuvres since Nelson sailed straight for the Franco-Spanish line at Trafalgar.

In the last days before this week's critical Texas and Ohio primaries, Mrs Clinton hit Mr Obama not only with the sink, but with most of the plumbing, the countertops and a couple of heavy duty appliances for good measure.

First, in Ohio, she turned a minor spat over a questionable Obama campaign leaflet into a great stain on his personal honour: "Shame on you, Barack Obama!" she cried, "Shame on you!" Then she compared him to George Bush, saying the country had seen the "tragic consequences" of electing a president with no foreign policy experience.

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This is a real push poll. More than who, Obama wants it has bad as she but will not throw the kitchen sink at her. We all know what that is for her.
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