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tampabays10.com — The National Party says that because Florida Democrats broke party rules, January 29th's primary doesn't count. The State Party is trying to come up with a re-vote plan

Karen Thurman, Chairman of the Florida Democratic Party said early Thursday afternoon, "The party's proposal is a combination of vote-by-mail and an in-person vote conducted by the Democratic Party."

The planned giant-sized mulligan is intended to replace the January 29th vote where Hillary beat Barack.

Tampa Bay's 10 news political consultant Dr. Lars Hafner said of that proposal, "They're trying to please everybody with something for everybody, and that could cause more problems."

By late afternoon, Hafner's prediction proved to be right. The Democrats were saying the vote-by-mail probably wouldn't work. Hafner says the confusion couldn't make Republicans any happier.

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What plan would you prefer for the Democratic re-vote in Florida?
Vote by mail
Normal elections
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I think the "Vote by Mail" would be the easiest and least expensive way. This method would insure that it happens.
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HStern - The only reason that this is an issue and I'm sure that know this, is because Senator Clinton based all perdiction on "Super Tuesday." She did not expect a strong showning by Senator Obama. There are several problems with mail-in votes, it took Oregon almost 20 years to get it right. Also we must remember the 2000 election and the problems that occurred in Florida that was settled by the courts.

The Florida general assembly - with the signature of the republican governor - signed the bill. What was not pointed out was the fact, that in the bill was an earmark addition what were entered by the democrats.

Anyway, the only was is to raise the $25 Mil or so and do it all over again after the vote has been cast in the PR.

Last - the DNC - with the approval of ALL concerned - Voted to NOT seat both Florida and Michigan due to them moving there voting date up. If they would have let it alone, therefore we would not have this issue facing us.
Posted 2815 days ago
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Would you like it if your votes were not counted because of a stupid rule? I wouldn't!!! And I would fight for my vote to be counted. Count the votes!
Posted 2815 days ago
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Too much could go wrong with a vote by mail
Posted 2813 days ago
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Change it and people will bitch when the results come out.
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