Democrats risk losing a
Made popular 2693 days ago in Opinion — If - and it's still an if - the numbers just don't add up for U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic presidential nominee, but the party, through its arcane rules and superdelegates process, gives it to her anyway, Democrats will pay dearly, for a generation or more.

Instead of re-establishing themselves as the party in power for perhaps the next 20 years, Democrats could be effectively handing the White House to Republican John McCain and alienating up to 30 million young voters who have gotten engaged in politics this year for the first time because of Barack Obama. If these voters feel that Obama has been cheated out of a chance to run for president, they and the hordes more of them becoming eligible to vote in the years ahead, will not easily return to the Democratic fold. Even if they like the party's principles, they will distrust its processes.

In this scenario, Clinton mitigates the damage only somewhat by choosing Obama as her vice presidential candidate - a role he has said he doesn't want anyway.

More likely, young voters sit out the election (as they have in the past) and McCain wins and Democrats dissolve again into their bickering, finger-pointing ways while an emerging generation that desperately wants to see a stronger, safer and better America backs out of the political system.

This is truly a nightmare scenario for the Democratic Party, which has on its hands a much closer battle for the presidential nomination than anyone, especially Clinton, expected when the race took shape last fall. It seems as if it can be avoided only if in the weeks ahead either Clinton or Obama emerges with an indisputable command of the contest and the loser delivers a strong, convincing endorsement of the victor. Given the way they've been going at each other for weeks, the convincing part may be difficult.

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Do Democrats risk losing a generation if Obama is not nominated?
Yes, voters may feel that Obama's nomination was stolen
No, they will work hard to change Party arcane rules for the future
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This is the way the Democratic Party is setup, if young voters want to change it they should do it in the future and not in the middle of the race. As it stands the system is setup to give super delegates an authoritarian opinion, if this does not work with them they should move to change the system for the next election.
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Now that's what I call FEAR MONGERING. Try to make people think that the party that chose the rules cannot live by them and won't survive if they follow them. What ever. That sounds almost like voters will never vote for Republicans because they got us into Iraq war.
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You bet you dippy they would. However. if Senator Obama is not the dems candidate, those that supported him will make a mad rush to vote republican. Its a pay back to the Clintons. If Senator Obama wins - republicans WILL vote for him instead of voting for Senator McCain - WE ARE READY FOR A REAL CHANGE and I'm a registered republican.

I don't think that America is ready for another Clinton administration. Look what NAFTA did to our economy?????
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This is a no brainer - YES - Look how much he has energized the 18-25 year old vote. if Senator Clinto win - this vote is lost for sometime, at least until the Clinton's are removed from the White House.
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If a Republican had been in office at the time NAFTA came to be , a Republican would have signed it in also. It is flawed, it needs to be revised. We were in damn good shape during the Clinton years, you can stay in denial all you want--it will not change the facts. To say that Democratic voters will vote for McCain if Obama dosen't get the nomination or vise-versa may have some truth to it---but I hope not. As Democrats we had better think about what giving a vote to John McCain,( just because "our" candidate didn't get the nod) will mean for this country. A continuation of the "Bush" policies and big gun military stance is what we can look forward to--do we want that? I don't!! It's the economy stupid----John McCain is weak on economic issues--do we want someone like him now?? I don't!! To vote for McCain out of spite is childish. Hillary and Obama are both very good candidates-so we have to remember that either one will be better than McCain. I have posted here for a few weeks now and do not believe I have been unfair in my opposition towards Obama--But the Clinton bashing from many has been disturbing and in my opinion undeserved. The race card has been played out of context and over used. Its' old. There is more of a gender gap in this country. There are still issues with both race and gender--but unfortunately there are people who still believe that only a MAN can lead regardless of color. It has been a long and hard fight for both minorities--it is time to change our mindset. In the end as Democrats we have to remember what it is we stand for --and hopefully vote accordingly.
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Technically, males are a minority, not females - there's more females than males. Your point on sexism stands however.
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Yes. At least 2 to 4 election cycles. It the young that we need to invest in, they will be our leader of tomorrow.
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