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marcambinder.theatlantic.com — The politics of this are crystal clear. The Obama campaign did not want a Michigan re-vote or a Florida re-vote. So they've raised objection after objection. Some of them have been spurious and others have been valid.

Last night, the following objection began to make the rounds:

In Michigan, there is a law stating that the first time you vote, you have to do so in-person, and can only request an absentee after doing that initial in-person verification. This would obviously be a huge problem for Obama folks, as pretty much all college students are newly registered. Some will be stuck at school and can't vote absentee from home; others will be newly registered at their school and won't be able to vote there as they will be home as summer will have begun.

Well, this is so because a Michigan law passed by a Republican-controlled legislature in the mid-1990s prohibits students from being registered to vote at a different address than their driver's license. And Michigan's motor vehicle laws require that persons must be registered to vote at their residence address.

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Does Obama stand to lose more if he does not agree to a Michigan revote?
Yes, If he wins the results would be illegitimate
No, he would be better off not agreeing to a revote
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No - He's the only candidate that can bring out the 18-25 year olds and a good number of independent voters in the general election.
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