McCain targets Obama in new general-election
Added 2799 days ago in Opinion — Why wait to start the general-election campaign until the Democrats have their presidential nominee sorted out? An aggressive campaign like Sen. John McCain's might as well start it now.

That's the message coming from McCain, winner of the Republican presidential primaries. His campaign has released what it's calling the first ad of the general-election campaign.

And the ad is clearly targeted at Sen. Barack Obama. The McCain campaign has apparently decided that Obama will be the Democratic nominee. More on that later.

The ad, is called "624787." That's not some weird new zip code; that was McCain's Navy serial number which you see him rattle off from his hospital bed as a North Vietnamese prisoner of war.

McCain's campaign put its candidate's POW story into heavy rotation during the Republican primaries, knowing that no other presidential contender could match its sheer dramatic narrative power.

And if this first ad indicates what's to come, the McCain campaign is going to continue to play up its candidate's Vietnam heroism for all it's worth. The McCain campaign's hope has to be that by the time the campaign ends, we'll all be reciting his serial number from memory.

What the McCain campaign understands is that the president is the living, breathing, walking symbol of the American Republic. As such, he must be seen as the ultimate American patriot.

McCain's war story plays perfectly to that desire within Americans to see the president as the nation's supreme patriot.

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