McCain Shuns Bush's Global Tactics, But Not His
Added 2801 days ago in Politics — In a major speech, Sen. John McCain distanced himself Wednesday from President Bush's foreign-policy tactics, but embraced his foreign-policy goals.

In a nod to foreign-policy realists, McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, called for the U.S. to practice "international good citizenship" and reconnect with allies weary of Bush's go-it-alone doctrine. But, embracing neo-conservative thinking, he reiterated his support for the Iraq war and made clear that he would, as president, remain committed to an activist foreign policy bent on promoting democracy and confronting Islamic extremists.

"I am an idealist," McCain said, adding later that he was "a realistic idealist."

In one of the few new proposals in the speech, McCain called for a U.S.-led worldwide reduction in nuclear arms: "We do not need all the weapons currently in our arsenal." He offered no specifics.

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Don't know. However, sometimes those individuals who are conservative in nature has a tendency to do an about face. I do like some of the things that he has layed out on the table, e.g., Doing away with earmarks, Removing the lobbyist, and looking at the hard issues confronting this country in the far term (Social Security, Medicare, etc.).
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