Dean: Dems Will Seat Fla.
Made popular 2705 days ago in Politics — Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said Wednesday the party is committed to seating Florida's delegates at this summer's convention as long as any agreement is supported by the party's two presidential contenders.

Dean met with Florida lawmakers to discuss ways of allocating delegates among Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton and prepare for the fall campaign in the battleground state.

The party stripped Florida and Michigan of their delegates to the national convention in Denver because they ignored party rules and moved their primaries to January.

"We are committed to making sure that we do everything in our power to seat a delegation from Florida," Dean said. "We believe we will seat a delegation from Florida."

But the party chairman said it was critical that Obama and Clinton were "comfortable with the compromises that have to be worked out." The two campaigns did not have representatives at the hourlong meeting.

"It's our hope that the candidates will join us in this effort and without them an agreement is not possible," said Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla.

Dean and Florida Democratic chair Karen Thurman released a joint statement after the meeting underscoring their intention to find a solution.

Dean also said discussions were continuing over Michigan and he was "optimistic" that the state's delegates would also be seated.

The lawmakers declined to elaborate on the types of options that were discussed for seating the delegate

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Should the arrangement of seating Florida & Michigan be left to Obam & Clinton to agree upon or should the Party decide?
Nominees need to agree
Let the Party decide
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If left to nominees they will never reach an arrangement or solution. This needs to be pushed and resolved by the Party as a whole. After all this was a snafu by the party and should be resolved by the Party, they should pay for the revote.
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This matter should be at the DNC level. Isn't that why the DNC Nomination Elected officials were organized? Andrew Jackson once quoted: "It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes." No one knows what goes on out of public sight and behind closed doors.

With respect to FL and MI - Each democratic party is to blame for what happen. All parties within the party agreeded on ALL RULES before the first primary vote was cast. Since Hillary - who bet all of her eggs on Super Tuesday - now is behind Senator Obama, seh is expressing fowl pay and wants her rules to apply. Yea, President Jackson was right!
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The party should decide, that is what the party is for. They screwed up this thing, so they should fix it. If you wait for the candidates to agree on anything, you will sooner see Godot than a decision.

Yet, I would have prefered a re-vote, still do.
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