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Added 2699 days ago in Opinion — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign says it will issue a statement shortly that will confirm reports by Drudge and The Politico that she is about to call on President Bush to boycott the opening ceremony at this summer's Olympics in Beijing.

Last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said Bush should consider that move. Sen. Barack Obama said he was "of two minds" about such an action and was hesitant to call for a boycott of the ceremonies because the Olympics are "partly about bringing the world together."

China has come under increasing criticism over its human rights record in recent weeks because of its crackdown on protests in Tibet. In Paris today, the torch relay was disrupted by protests.

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Should the U.S boycott the Olympics?
Yes, but only the opening ceremony
Yes, the whole event should be boycotted
No, should not politicize the event
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Politics has no place iin the olympics.
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The US has a more egregious record on human rights than China. By the most conservative accounts, at least 100,000 Iraqi civilians were killed as a result of a war of choice, under false pretexts. Show me how China matches this record.
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China sends us their poisoned foods and toys, why should we not boycott the olympics?
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