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time-blog.com — Outspending Hillary Clinton 3-to-1 in Pennsylvania, Barack Obama must win there on April 22 to demonstrate his ability to win big states, said top Clinton aide Howard Wolfson today during a conference call with reporters.

"[Obama is] doing everything he can to win in Pennsylvania, and if he can't, it'll be a serious defeat," said Wolfson. "We all know the road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue runs through Pennsylvania."

During the call, Wolfson and T.J. Rooney, Pennsylvania State Democratic Party Chairman, also unveiled the campaign's radio ad responding to the Obama's contention that he doesn't "take money from oil companies."

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How important is it for Obama to win Pennsylvania?
Very important he must show his ability to win big states
Not important since the outcome is already known
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The media decides what is important and what is not. Today Survey USA shows a poll where Clinton is leading by 18 points, did not hear anything about it on television.

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If Obama can't buy himself an election, he will not be a good candidate. Thinking about it, a candidate who has to buy votes or who does buy votes is not a good candidate either....
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He hasn't bought any votes, The money he's made has been given to him by the people, for the people! Clinton, on the other hand, LOANED her own campaign how much money?
Who's buying who?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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