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Made popular 3051 days ago in Politics — The first US presidential candidates' debate using only questions submitted online by the public has been held.
The eight Democratic Party hopefuls were asked questions on issues ranging from the war in Iraq to health care, taxes and same-sex marriage.

The link-up by broadcaster CNN and the video-sharing website YouTube is being hailed as a political milestone.

Questions were chosen from nearly 3,000 submitted in the form of 30-second video clips posted on YouTube.

Analysts say online video could play a big role in the 2008 White House race.

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What did you think of the YouTube video format for Presidential debates?
I like new format. It's catching up with the Internet world.
I don't like the new format.  Theatrics overshadow debate on real issues.
Neither. It's just another format.
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Not sure these theatrics added a positive element. I believe the biggest weakness of the forum was, people were not able to actively engage and interact with the candidates. It was no different than prerecorded questions, that were played on a nice big screen.
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