John McCain a 2004 repeat?
Added 2723 days ago in Politics — The McCain campaign begins by looking at this map and saying, yes, there are some problem states, there are some struggle states, but there is

not one state that George W. Bush won four years ago that the McCain camp says on this day is absolutely, positively out of the picture. So, they

start seeing challenges, but they think they're competitive in every one of those states. BROWN: McCain, though, has this argument that he's a

different kind of candidate than George W. Bush. How does that work to his advantage?

KING: They believe it works to their advantage in several key states. Number one is the state we've talked a lot about this week, Pennsylvania.

BROWN: Pennsylvania.

KING: Let's go back and look at the 2004 presidential race. Now, George W. Bush wanted this state badly. He came up just short. Why? Because

John Kerry beat him down here in the Philadelphia suburbs. They think John McCain is more competitive.

Same views as George Bush on abortion, but he doesn't wear it on his sleeve, if you will, like George W. Bush did. They believe McCain has a

better chance with moderates and independents in the Philadelphia suburbs. And especially if Barack Obama is his opponent, they believe he can

do well with Reagan Democrats in places like Scranton, Redding and Allentown, and out here near Pittsburgh. So they think Pennsylvania is in

play, depending on who the Democratic opponent is.

One other place would they think being different from George W. Bush helps them, let's take this off and zoom this back out. Let's come back out
to the '04 presidential election.

Now, George W. Bush won in New Mexico, Campbell, but just barely, 50 to 49. George Bush also won in Nevada, but just barely, 50 to 48. In both
of those states, Latino voters are key. Latino voters in the last two years have turned against the Republican Party because of the immigration

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Can John McCain Win the Election in November?
Yes, 2004 will repeat for Republicans
No, He will lose key swing states
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he's done even before general election.
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